[I] wanted to reiterate my appreciation for all you do not just at the conference but all year long for ACCI. I so enjoy working with you you have really energized the organization and cleared a pathway forward. I look forward to working closely with you as a member of the ExCom this year.

Joyce Serido,
ACCI President (former)

Thanks for everything that you did to make the ACCI conference in Milwaukee a success. It was a very good conference and there were no logistical glitches (that I saw!). That only happens when the executive director is attending to all of the details – big and small! Thanks again. 

Cathleen Zick, Ph.D. 
University of Utah

I was fortunate to learn the side of budgeting for event planning from Ginger Phillips, EDD, CMM. I was attending USF’s Meeting and EventPlanning courses during 20072008 when I met Dr. Phillips. She was demonstrating an event budget worksheet she created using Excel, which she shared with the class. Shortly after, I presented a budget for a meeting to management using the budget spreadsheet from Dr. Phillips. I was pleasantly surprised when I received positive comments on this presentation! I have since customized this worksheet and made it an essential tool of the event planning process. I have shared the worksheet with my colleagues in Germany and Taipei. I found Dr. Phillips to be the type of professional willing to listen to other opinions with sincere interest, offer suggestions and a willingness to help others without expecting anything in return. I admire Dr. Phillips’ skills and professionalism without hesitation and give her my highest praise!

Maria Steen 
Certified Administrative Professional Organizational Management 
Corporate Travel Expert & Event Planning

Ginger - Thank you for another terrific conference. The momentum slowly continues to build. You have saved ACCI and what it becomes is thanks to you.


Jonathan Fox

I worked closely with Ginger for 4 years as a volunteer at ISPE. She is one of the hardest working and most dedicated individuals I've ever worked with. Ginger was able to leverage the talents of several part time volunteer workers and her background as an adult continuing education professional to influence the success of numerous ISPE conferences and programs. 

Tim Howard, CPIP, PE 
Commissioning Agents, Inc.​

I had the great honor and privilege to work with Ginger throughout her entire time with ISPE. In her role as Director of Continuing Education, she was very deft and corralling a mixed cadre of volunteers into a functioning organizational structure to support the development and delivery of education programming at ISPE conferences. She had an extremely difficult job being the “Chief of Chiefs” yet always was professional and attentive to the needs of both the volunteers and the organization. She is smart and witty, organized and open, and any group would be blessed to have her involved. 

Keith Gibbs, 
Thought Leader and Project Execution Innovator

Ginger has tremendous knowledge and understanding of the field of adult
education. She brings to the job a strong work ethic and tremendous attention to detail. I found her assistance invaluable in while I was leading a team to develop a pilot curriculum for a corporate university project, and I enjoyed our association. I will always value the knowledge I gained while working with

Randy Perez 

Director, Information Governance and Management

Thanks, Ginger! You’ve made such a huge difference in the [FTA] conference planning.

Susan Zimmerman, ChFC, LMFT, CCTP.

Arden Solutions - Association Management Logo

I just want to thank you for your hard work and great skills as an executive director. When you arrived, I wasn’t sure anyone would be able to “fix” our problems and I feared the end of [our association] would be on [the current President’s] and my shoulders. I think that might have been true, except we really lucked out in finding you. You have given the organization and the profession in general a new lease on life. The problems seem  somewhat distant now. I left the Board with absolutely no worries and I would not have imagined that two years ago. So, thank you, BRAVO and God Speed. 
Your respectful, 

ACCI past Board member,
Debby Haynes

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