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But he, repeating his bullish technique, finished it off - I head over heels, and sideways, and lope, flew up the stairs and again found myself on the floor of this basement, which I had already fallen for the umpteenth time, hitting with my left hand. Bad luck has gone! I managed not to lose the gun. Lying on my back on hard concrete, I intercepted it, secured my right hand with my left hand, almost without aiming, shot upwards, where this scoundrel loomed very clearly in the opening He disappeared, then I saw the door closing. I jumped up and rushed, but no, most likely hobbled briskly up the stairs. Running to the door, I pulled the handle again and again. Paragraph is closed! I

pulled out the magazine - two more rounds. Carefully looked at the door

- Wow! Metal, sheathed with a rail - caught, Tanya!

looked back. What to think? There are windows! Whole two! And I jumped down. Where did he come from? When did you get through?



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