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Ready to move to an association management system that incorporates your database with your website? We can help you select a product and make the move to the new AMS.

Arden Solutions has an experienced staff, and a cadre of successful and highly respected consultants and vendors who have proven their ability to provide  services and products on time and at great prices. We ask our proven partners to help us meet your goals

Our team has over 60 years' experience in conference planning, working with program committees, good adult education design, CEUs.... Read more on our services page.

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TRansitioning to Paid Staff?

Susan Zimmerman Client Testimonial

We have just successfully converted five clients' live, 3-day conferences to virtual and are helping other associations convert theirs. If we can help you, please call (727) 940-2658 x 1001 to discuss. 

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Volunteers make the association world go round, but there comes a time when your group needs additional resources to grow. Has your association matured to where it would be nice to add more staff? We bring experience and diplomacy to aide in these transitions!


“Thanks, Ginger! You’ve made such a huge difference in the [FTA] conference planning."

Susan Zimmerman, ChFC, LMFT, CCTP.

October 2,2014

Professional Team for Association Management

Susan Zimmerman, ChFc, LMFT

Mindful Asset Planning (MAP)


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We identify technology, training, and processes to take your organization to the next level and make it run more efficiently. 


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