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Full Service Client

​The American Council on Consumer Interests (ACCI) hired Arden Solutions in 2012 to provide full management services.


When we stepped in, there was a peer-reviewed journal, a strong awards program, and a dedicated board of directors, committed to the mission of consumer well-being.


However, we also found a meager website, a Microsoft Access database that wasn’t able to keep up with the needs of the membership and staff, infrequent communication, and a conference that was respected, but always a financial drain. Taxes had not been filed for over three years and the 501(c)(3) status had been lost. Forty boxes of paper materials, some as old as 1950, were delivered to us by moving van. 

In collaboration with leadership, Arden Solutions implemented an AMS: completely restructuring the website and the member database. This simplified and improved tracking on communications and allowed members to have an interactive members-only website area. We obtained lapsed insurance for officers and directors and regained 501(c)(3) tax status. We moved the antiquated all-paper filing system into a modern cloud-based electronic filing system (including hundreds of hours scanning and filing).


Previously only the Executive Director had access to organization’s finances in a local bank, and all savings had been kept in cash. We moved to a national bank that allowed for collaboration with the Board Treasurer as a signer for improved financial management,  and we created an investment policy and guided leadership into obtaining a balanced portfolio that could grow organizational savings.


These changes made an enormous difference for ACCI. Their membership doubled from 2015 to 2017 (and we maintained that higher level), and the conference moved from being in the red when we came in, to the black in 2013, to becoming a strong source of reliable non-dues income.

Business Team
Image by Chris Montgomery
Discussing Over Documents

Conference & Events Clients

Arden Solutions staff have hosted board and committee meetings virtually for many years. When COVID-19 quarantines effected our clients’ conferences and events, we quickly stepped up to meet the challenge. Here are some of the events we converted from in-person to virtual:

* The American Academy of Advertising (AAA)’s three-day academic conference, award ceremony, and big retirement party was successfully moved to virtual in about five weeks.

* The Texas Dental Association’s 2020 House of Delegates took virtual their four evening caucuses and full day House meeting. One staffer we worked with wrote, “…the success of the TDA meetings last week would not have been possible if it were not for you!”

* The American Council on Consumer Interests (ACCI) moved their three-day research conference virtual; including research presentations (six banks of three concurrent sessions), keynote lectures, posters, networking, and fish-bowl sessions. The result was the largest attendance in 10 years. One keynote presenter wrote, “Congratulation on a wonderful opening session today. I’m so impressed with the virtual experience you have built, and very grateful for the opportunity to be part of it.” Arden Solutions worked closely with the conference committee, offered multiple practice sessions, carefully clarified roles, and problem solved every step of the way for this complex annual conference.

* We also provided full infrastructure for the three-day Mortar Board annual honor society conference. This event included no less than 21 concurrent breakouts with people assigned to specific sessions.

Arden Solutions quickly works to solve problems and meet challenges in this fast-paced, changing association environment. We’ve done outstanding in-person to virtual conversions with resounding success for many clients and want to help you take your event virtual as well!

What Our Clients Say

Jonathan Fox, PhD


American Council on Consumer Interests

"The momentum continues to build. You have saved ACCI and what it becomes is thanks to you."

Kitty Coffey, PhD, CFCS

Board Member

Kappa Omicron Nu

“I am impressed and encouraged by the progress witnessed to date and the bright promise of the near and far future for us.” 

Cathleen Zick, PhD


American Council on Consumer Interests

“Thank you for everything you did to make our conference a success. It was very good and there were no logistical glitches. Your team attended to all the details - big and small.” 

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