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Infrastructure & Technology

There is nothing so critical to an association’s survival and success overall as to keep up with technology. To serve and represent members, associations need to not just embrace technology but to be leaders, and use their knowledge to guide their industries into the future. Arden Solutions believes that the right technology solutions enable our clients to thrive and grow. These solutions are one of the most dramatic ways that we help our clients thrive.

Association Management Systems (AMS)

An AMS is a software built for associations that includes multiple functions that associations typically use. At its most basic this includes a website management or building tool, and a contact database. Many AMS also include tools like an email management system, a system for making payments that connects with financial management tools, a member portal, and more. We’ve used several AMS systems and are practiced at making the conversion with minimal member inconvenience.


We can assess your technology and help our clients understand where they are either losing money in a lack of efficiency, or losing member purchases, engagement, and satisfaction.

Website Management

Our staff are adept at website management. We can act as your webmaster under an assortment of Content Management Systems (CMS) including WordPress. We’ll also help you understand your website use with Google Analytics and optimize your website for improved viewer experience and improved search engine optimization.

Department Specific

We are adept at using leading software in financial management, event management apps, proposal submissions, event planning, project management, learning management systems, email management, basic graphic design programs, social media management, and so much more.

Client Files

Client files are cloud-based, and client leaders can have download access to all association electronic records. Clients can rest assured that they can access their information at any time.

Contact Database

Excel spreadsheets, Microsoft Access, proprietary systems, association management systems, or customer management systems such as HubSpot or Salesforce, our staff have worked with an assortment of databases. We can work with you where you are and get you where you want to go.

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