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Marketing & Communications

If an association’s lifeblood is its members, marketing & communications is how we talk to those members, and the public at large. Each organization has its own right mix of what forms and frequency of outreach is best for them. We work with each client to determine what their right communications plan is, and how to take each client to the next level. There is no limit to what we can do together.

Email Messaging / Marketing

Email is still the primary way we communicate with external organizations. We use current email marketing technology to make sure we’re aware of open rates. We curate your lists, making sure they’re clean of bounces and current. We’ll work with you to segment your communication channels, so you can communicate directly with different audiences with messages customized to them.


We can help make your website current, attractive, logically, and conveniently laid out, and cover all of the important information you’d like to distribute. For many associations, this may include a members-only section, paying dues online, or an online store. We’ll also keep track of your website's usability statistics and demographics so that you know who is visiting your website, when, and for what. We all know that what members say they want is not always what is used or sold. Our website data can help you better serve your members.

Direct Mail

Printed snail mail isn’t the right solution for everyone, but when we use it, it’s with an increased sophistication. We can couple direct mail with social media use to increase the return on investment of print campaigns.

Social Media

Perhaps the easiest and most affordable way to talk to the public today is social media. We can manage your channels regardless of whether you tweet, pin, post, or share with video or other messaging with regular and predictable communication. We’ll let you know what statics your social media feeds are attracting too – so we can work together to deliver messages your audience wants to see.

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