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Training & Certification

What's the Difference?

Often the words training, education, certificate, certification, accreditation, licensure, and continuing education are used almost interchangeably. We are familiar with these different programs and can manage any of them. Where an organization is and what their goals are for any program is something we can work on together to make the best possible program for our clients.

With our company founder's doctoral degree in adult education, the training, certification, and accreditation functions are a passion of Arden Solutions. We believe in strong program design based on good adult education principles and practice.


We can train or educate members in a variety of delivery formats or a mixed delivery method. We can manage your LMS, work with instructional designers, manage your train-the-trainer program, bring in digital badging, or anything in between. Arden Solutions staff can manage projects, storyboard, beta test, find instructor talent, work with SMEs (and negotiate their contracts), curriculum map for you industry, or anything else we need to deliver to your membership the knowledge they need to take their careers to the next level, or take their employers to the next level.


Already a third-party approved under ISO17024? Just learning what third-party approval is? Not interested in third-party approval? Our staff have managed 30 certification programs on a variety of topics. From job task analysis, to item writing, to proctoring, we’re ready to help keep your certification program on track or take it to the next level. We can also help you manage your certificate or assessment-based certificate program.

Continuing Education

We can both manage a recertification program that takes continuing professional education units as well as secure appropriate continuing education credits for your program.

Our experienced staff have managed continuing education credits for multiple providers such as OT, PT, CHES, Speech, Social Work, Marriage and Family Therapy, Psychology, Continuing Legal Education, and Certified Financial Planners. We can also assist with your CME and nursing programs.

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